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Information Technology

Companies rely on emerging technologies to drive strategy and build a competitive advantage. Technical teams are leaned on for important troubleshooting while also being expected to break the mold. Rely on the hiring experts to bring the top talent needed to thrive in your industry.

Finance & Accounting

Financial minds are the heart of every business. A business will not run properly without knowing the numbers. Finance and Accounting experts aim for new heights by generating funds, outlining long-term goals, strategizing funding, organizing operations, managing cash flow and sustaining through economic fluctuation. 


Engineering is considered the backbone and is always responsible for new and innovative technologies. These groups encompass a whole range of industries. Your team is relied on for innovation, process control and troubleshooting. Engineering knows no limits and we have the talent to take you there. 

Administrative & Customer Support

With the right talent on your operations team you can effectively manage, control and organize your business. Operations teams are relied on to keep your business productive and on top of your processes. We have the professional business resources available for you today.

Experience the True Hiring Difference

We partner and provide staffing solutions for companies ranging from Fortune 100 to start-up. Whether you are looking to hire an individual or a whole team we have your back. When you are looking for a reliable hiring partner who knows how to follow a process turn to True Scout Partners. With established hiring processes in helping businesses grow, we have mastered the skills of studying the staffing market for you and recruiting the best talent to take your business to the next level.

Why Choose Our Staffing Services?

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